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Docker Training Syllabus

Docker Training Syllabus

Docker Training Syllabus: Total Duration-25hrs

Module 1: Docker World – An introduction (Duration-5hrs)
• Introducing Docker
• Comparing VM and Docker
• Docker –An Architectural overview
• The Docker Hub A brief Introduction
• Preparing docker machine – Installation and configuration
• Start containerizing
• Play with docker images
• Customizing container on your own
• Running Container with Docker – commands
• Port forwarding with docker container
• Exercise: Installation of docker and Image Setup
• Exercise: Creating own Images
• Exercise: Creating own Images
• Exercise: Exposing Container Ports to the Host and test it

Module 2:The Dockerfile, Builds and Network Configuration (Duration-5hrs)
• Dockerfile Directives
• USER and RUN
• RUN Order of Execution
• CMD vs. RUN
• Docker Container Volume Management – An introduction
• Docker Networking concepts
• List and Inspect
• Create and Remove
• Assign to Containers
• Exercise: Creating Custom Image from a Dockerfile
• Exercise: Managing Containers
• Eercise: Adding External Content to Containers

Module 3: Docker Commands and Structures (Duration-5hrs)
• Inspect Container Processes
• Previous Container Management
• Controlling Port Exposure on Containers
• Naming Our Containers
• Docker Events
• Managing and Removing Base Images
• Saving and Loading Docker Images
• Image History
• Taking Control of Our Tags
• Pushing to Docker Hub
• Exercise: Base Image Maintenance and Cleanup
• Exercise: Advanced Container Creation at the Command Line
• Exercise: Create a Dockerized Basic Web Server
• Continuous Integration for Docker

Module 4: Docker-Compose (Duration-5hrs)
• Networking Overview
• The Default Network
• Isolating Containers
• Aliases & Container Names
• Links
• How Updates Affect Networking
• Using External Networks
• Configuring Compose
• Bringing an Environment Up
• Changing a Running Environment
• Introspecting On An Environment
• Taking an Environment Down

Module 5: Docker swarm – A deep dive (Duration-5hrs)
• Swarm Intro and Creating a 3-Node Swarm Cluster
• Swarm Mode A Built-In Orchestration
• Creating Your First Service and Scale It Locally
• Creating a 3-Node Swarm Cluster
• Swarm Basic Features and How to Use Them In Your Workflow
• Scaling Out with Overlay Networking
• Create A Multi-Service Multi-Node Web App
• Service Placement Preference
• Node Availability

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